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  Truly an inspirational read. The author is a gifted writer taking us through a journey of sadness to ultimate joy at having stopped Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer in its tracks. The combination of Western and Eastern medicine, meditation, BodyTalk, and strong belief and support system makes one realize that the impossible is possible. Even though I have completed reading this book I often pick it up when I need a little pick me up or just to remind me that the power of the mind, body and spirit has no bounds. Amazing read. — Caren Pfeil
  This real-life story is definitely something to be shared for all to learn from. Kristie Anne did an excellent job taking us on the journey with her and her family. Kristie Anne’s sheer will, determination and love for her husband is inspiring. This book has inspired me so much that I have registered for a Mindscape course as their experience has proven to me how much the mind can impact the physical body. I applaud Terri for his strength and also his openness to trying all the methods that he could. Very well written. — Ashley
  This is an inspiring account of Terri's and Kristie Anne's faith, courage, and determination held fast through their journey in overcoming Terri's Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Medical information, power of the mind and spiritual aspects of Terri's healing are interspersed with accounts of their relationship with each other and their children. It is very well written, down to earth and easy to read. I believe Kristie Anne has a future as an author if she so chooses. — Jeanette Blais
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